Hey there! I’m Andrew!

I’ve spent over a decade working as a software engineer and architect, and it’s been one heck of a ride. From indie game development to co-founding a successful startup, I’ve had the chance to build some awesome things over the years!

Alongside my engineering and development work I also create digital and physical art ranging from album covers all the way to motion graphics, animations and visualizations. I’ve also dipped my feet into music production to round things off. After all, I’m known as the “Andrew of all trades” and try to live up to that title.

You can find me and my work in the following places:


Your best bet of reaching me is by sending me an email over to andrew@zealsprince.com!

Thinking of working on a project together? Looking for my CVs? You can get them here: English / German


If you’re looking for my previous work under my alias Catlinman you can find that over at catlinman.com.

At the moment this website is being hosted from a simple Markdown document hence the lack of visual flair. I’ll replace it with something exciting and more engaging in the near future!